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Agriculture feeds Alberta's soul

Agriculture is still Canada's leading industry, employing about 1/3 of our work force. It is vital that we learn to appreciate agriculture and understand the connection between what we eat and where it comes from. And that we teach our children to do the same.

Alberta Dairy Congress is a fun way to learn about the journey our food takes as it travels from the farm to the grocery store to our plates. Head on over to Rimbey Agricultural Society in Rimbey, Alberta to check it out.

Complete calendar of Alberta Dairy Congress events and times - under the Calendar of Events tab.

Dairy Show and Sale

The highlight of the annual Congress is the Dairy Show, which gives producers the chance to show off their best animals.

The Dairy Show is all about looks so these cows are treated like princesses. An entourage of handlers take care of their every need - and then some!

The Junior Dairy Show is Wednesday at 5:00 pm and the main Dairy Show will be held Friday.

The Dairy Sale is scheduled for Thursday afternoon. It's an opportunity for new producers to increase the size of their herds and for established dairies to introduce new bloodlines or sell some of their top animals. 

Members of the general public are welcome to take in the Dairy Shows and the Dairy Sale. Tours of the barns will also be available. Come see where the cows are housed during the Congress and how they are treated like pampered princesses.

Judge for yourself

Ever watched a competition show and wished you could be one of the judges? Now's your chance! The Alberta Dairy Congress is hosting a Judging Conference on Thursday morning where participants can learn all there is to know about judging a Dairy Show. The conference is open to anyone who is interested. Dairy industry experience and knowledge are not required!