Congress NEWs 

The Alberta Dairy Congress has been confirmed for May 31-June 3 2022 in Rimbey

We hope to see all our dairy friends in June ~ Orville Schmidt, Chair of the Alberta Dairy Congress

COngress has Moved for 2022

The 2022 Alberta Diary Congress will be held in Rimbey, AB at the The Co-operators Agrim Centre.


 We have moved to an online registration process. Please register for Alberta Dairy Congress on the link below.







The Dairy Show gives producers from across the province an opportunity to show off the best cows in their herd.

The Alberta Dairy Congress is four days of entertainment, information and networking opportunities designed to promote agriculture in Alberta, with a focus on the dairy industry. Do Albertans really know where their food comes from, other than the grocery store? Most of us probably know our milk, meat and produce comes from farms, but how much do we actually know about the way our food is grown and harvested? And about those who produce it?

The Annual Alberta Dairy Congress is your chance to take an inside look at the dairy industry and get in touch with Alberta’s agricultural roots.



Activities for Kids

Alberta Milk - Virtual Pen Pal

Alberta Milk - Recipes

Alberta Milk - Meet a Dairy Farmer

Alberta Milk - Ask a Dairy Farmer

The Real Dirt on Farming - our food has a story - and it starts with Canadian farms.

Alberta Milk Moo 2 You - learn about the dairy industry and how milk is made